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Salem Book House is a Christian Resource Centre striving towards the mission of making God’s word available to everyone in the community.

My involvement with literature evangelism began when I was 10 when my father started taking me around the streets in the village of Kerala, India to distribute gospel tracts to the locals. I have seen the transforming power of God’s word in action in so many lives. God’s word is living and powerful and it continues to sow a harvest years after. We believe that sowing God’s word is a powerful means of evangelism.

In Toronto, where people from over 165 different language speaking people reside, there is a need for a ready source of Bibles and Biblical materials not only in English but also in other languages. The gospel workers need gospel tracts and resources in different languages so as to minister to non-English speakers. This was the burden behind the inception of Salem Book House. We were operating from the living room of our home for the past 5 years and have sent out ten and thousands of New testaments, Gospel of John, Tamil, Hindi Bibles and lakhs of Gospel tracts to list a few. In the past year, the Lord enabled us to open a small outlet located in Scarborough.

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